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This site lists antique agricultural hand tools collected by P.C. Dorrington (e.g., chaff cutters, dibbers, flails, etc.) originating mainly from England, Wales and Scotland. Some other tools, mainly from the USA, sent-in by viewers of this website are also included.

Peter Charles Dorrington collected and restored over 750 antique farm tools between 1985 and 2001. Most of these tools were agricultural hand implements and fenland tools that were used in England, Wales and Scotland, dating from about 1600 to 1940, for example: “chaff cutters”, “flails”, scythes”, “dibbers” and “breast ploughs”. Photographs of roughly half of the tools that are still in the collection are included here. Information and notes on some of the tools are also included.

In pre-industrial societies, throughout the world, most people worked as agricultural labourers. Indeed many of the types of hand farm tools on this website might have been used by your own ancestors…

Detail from David Teniers The Younger’s , “The Chaff Cutter” 1610-1630

What is an antique farm tool?

Farm tools are objects that farmers use to perform day-to-day tasks. These can range from plows and harrows to scythes, hoes, pitchforks and more. Farm tools have been used for centuries in agricultural work. They’re often made of metal or wood with iron or steel blades.

Farm tools were traditionally stored in a tool shed on the farm, but now they’re often found in an antique store near you!

Why would people want to buy an Antique Farm Tool?

Some farmers may be looking for something new and exciting for their home garden while others are just getting started with gardening and need the perfect tools for the job.

How do you know if a farm tool is authentic or not?

You can tell whether something is an antique by looking at it and its patina, which refers to how old something looks based on their wear. Sometimes all you need to do is ask someone who sells antiques about what they think!

Where can I find more information about this topic?

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